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Retirement Plans

Businessman and Construction Worker Talking on Construction SiteFor nearly 30 years contractors nationwide have used our plans when working on Davis Bacon, Service Contract, or other prevailing wage laws. Our expertise in designing plans which optimize your ability to win more contracts while also meeting your specific company needs is unsurpassed. We provide the best mix of valuable retirement benefits, low out of pocket administration costs, top flight participant customer service, and innovative plan design. To date we have assisted over 5,000 employers nationwide and we currently have approximately 40,000 participants.

Investment Management

The trust utilizes some of the top asset managers in the financial services industry.

 Key Employer Advantages

  • You become more competitive and profitable.
  • Comply with the intent of the Davis-Bacon and Service Contract Acts by providing a valuable employee fringe benefit.
  • Flexibility to cover different job sites and job classifications at different rates.
  • Equalize take home pay for employees moving between private and public projects.
  • Boost key employee benefits.
    You save:
    • FICA Contributions
    • Workers Compensation Premiums
    • Public Liability Premiums
    • Federal Unemployment Tax
    • State Unemployment Taxes

Employee Benefits

  • Employees receive normal take home pay.
  • Pay income tax only on normal wages.
  • Pay FICA only on normal wages.
  • No income taxes paid until funds withdrawn.
  • Employees have individual accounts.
  • The plan is totally portable.
  • The account is 100% vested