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The Contractors Plan

Manchester Construction Insurance

With The Contractors Plan, everybody wins. Contractors save on payroll burden, which means more competitive bids and a better chance to win more jobs. Plus, employees get valuable benefits from quality providers.

Fringe Benefit Group originated the offering of bona fide benefit plans for Davis-Bacon and Service Contract Act contractors. We specialize in the prevailing wage market and have worked with government contractors for over 30 years. Through The Contractors Plan, we offer retirement plans and major medical, dental, vision and life insurance designed specifically for government contractors who work on Davis-Bacon and Service Contract Act jobs.
With Total Fringe, we help contractors allocate the entire fringe portion of the prevailing wage to maximize savings and lower costs. Send in one check and upload one file regardless of the number of benefits you choose – we handle the rest.

With health care costs continuing to rise, many companies are looking for alternatives to major medical coverage. Our Framework Benefits creates efficient and effective solutions to provide affordable health care to America’s hourly and part-time employees.

We Are the Prevailing Wage Experts.

Fringe Benefit Group was the first company to offer benefit plans for prevailing wage workers, and we focus exclusively on this market.
We’ve designed and administered fringe benefit programs for contractors for over 30 years. We’ve helped over 4,000 employers with their prevailing wage benefit plans, including many Fortune 500 and ENR 400 firms.

Government Contractors (Davis-Bacon and Service Contract Act)

Through our nationwide network of independent brokers and agents, Fringe Benefit Group has established itself as the leader in health and retirement plans for government contractors.

We offer a unique, major medical, hour banking program which enables employees to “bank” hours worked and extend health coverage during slow work times or layoffs. Our retirement programs include a master trust arrangement for small to mid-sized employers, as well as unbundled open architecture single-employer trusts for larger companies.

Our plans are offered through Contractors Benefits Services, LLC located in Manchester, CT on a nationwide basis. Call (800) 800-5206.