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About Us

Construction InsuranceContractors Benefit Services, LLC (CBS) was formed in 1998 by Tony Gorman to address the needs of his Open-Shop (non-union labor force) construction clients who were bidding Prevailing Wage and Davis Bacon jobs. Tony became aware of the competitive disadvantage that his open-shop clients faced by having to pay the “fringe wage” as cash though payroll because doing so subjects this portion of the wage to insurance and payroll taxation. By using this special pension plan his clients could avoid paying Social Security and Unemployment taxes as well as Workers Compensation and General liability premiums on the fringe wages. Originally these were clients of the Gorman Insurance Agency, Inc. that has a specialty in Construction Bonding, General Liability, Commercial Auto, Equipment coverage and Workers Compensation. Now CBS offers the pension plan in all 50 states. Tony is president of Gorman Insurance Agency, Inc. and Managing Member of CBS. He has been active in the insurance industry since 1980.

Contractors Benefit Services, LLC offers a Prevailing Wage / Davis Bacon Pension plan known as “The Contractors Plan”. Sponsored by the Fringe Insurance Benefits Group, Inc. of Austin, TX – the oldest provider of prevailing wage pension plans in the United States having developed the concept in 1978 – this pension is used by over 3000 construction firms in all 50 states. This plan is approved by the Federal Department of Labor, The Internal Revenue Service and the individual State Departments of Labor. The Contractors Plan is also the endorsed plan of the National ABC – Associated Builders & Contractors Association – which is the Open-shop national trade association.